Matt Mulholland is a versatile musical artist renowned for his captivating original compositions and remarkable vocal abilities. With a passion for heartfelt music, Matt's soulful ballads and energetic pop-infused tracks showcase his versatility and emotional connection with listeners worldwide. With a growing fan base, his engaging live performances and genuine dedication to his craft have established him as a rising star in the music scene, inspiring and delighting audiences with his remarkable talent.

Comes & Goes

New Single - July 2023


After You Grow

Debut Studio Album - 2020

Recorded and Mixed at Blue Barn Studios, NZ


I Wanna Love You

Music Video Single - 2022

I Think We Should Date

Live Video Performance - 2022

Knowing Love

Music Video Single - 2019

Boy/Girl Stuff

Music Video Single - 2020

Die Fighting

Live Video Performance - 2022

The First Move

Lyric Video - 2020